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Imagine a world in which every person on this planet can freely share all human knowledge.
That is our goal.
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Annual report 2017
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Annual report 2016
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Annual report 2015

Wikimedia Czech Republic

Wikimedia Czech republic (abbreviation WMCZ) is an association which focuses on support and advertising free content and projects of Wikimedia Foundation (like Wikipedia) in the area of the Czech Republic.

Wikimedia projects are advertised via presentation on fairs, conferences, articles in newspapers and magazines or on workshops and other community-building activities. Project support is based on the offer of legal expertise in the area of the licenses and/or institutional and financial support for those who would like to run projects. Currently, these projects include Students Write Wikipedia, GLAM, Pictures of Czech Municipalities or Protected Areas Project. See the current annual report for more information.

Wikimedia Czech Republic association may be contacted via this e-mail:

Who is who & Membership

The number of members is currently around 50 but everyone can become a member, if he/she is legally responsible. The membership request must include the agreement with bylaws of Wikimedia Czech Republic and a modest membership fee.

Between general assemblies the association is led by board and its chair. Have a look at all of us at this page.

News (in Czech)

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